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NEXUS November newsletter


Hey, NEXUS Community!

Maintaining exercise motivation through the holiday season can be challenging. The holidays are often synonymous with indulgence and relaxation, making it tempting to let your fitness routine slide. However, staying committed to exercise during this time can have a positive impact on both your physical and mental well-being. To keep your motivation high, set realistic goals and prioritize consistency over intensity. Do your best to adapt your workouts to fit your holiday schedule! Remember that exercise can serve as a powerful stress reliever during the hectic holidays, helping you manage the inevitable seasonal stressors. Be sure to keep your long-term fitness goals in mind and view exercise as a gift to yourself! With determination and a positive mindset, you can navigate the holidays while staying on track with your exercise routine and emerge in the New Year feeling strong, refreshed, and ready to tackle your fitness goals!

See you all soon!

Fundamental Movement Breakdown Level 2

This educational fitness class goes over the basic movements you need to do any fitness activities. From learning how to correctly do sit-ups, to pull-up modifications, to kettlebell swings, etc, a NEXUS coach will be with you every step of the way. This class is designed to educate you on injury prevention and how to recognize movement faults as everyone deserves a basic understanding of functional movements.

November Vendor Spotlight!

WestCo Insurance is a proud Vendor of NEXUS!

WestCo Insurance is here to help. JP is a partner of NEXUS! WestCo Insurance is a full-service agency that has a team of personal and commercial agents who combine for decades of experience to meet all insurance needs. They handle business insurance, home, auto, life, health, group benefits, bonding, etc. in over half the country.


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