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The Team

Who We Are

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Owner & Coach

Ashley's passion for fitness started with strength & condition training for her dance career when she was 13. She started Olympic Lifting through CrossFit in 2014. But in 2017, Ashley suffered an injury leaving her with 2 broken ribs and no core strength. Then, in early 2019, she suffered another injury to her hip. Recovery this time took quite a mental toll. Ashley knew she would have to transform the way she approached training. So, that is what she did, and two years later NEXUS was born.

As a NEXUS Trainer, Ashley specializes in feminine fitness & training. "We can't train women like "little men" any longer!" is something you will hear her say quite often. Ashley's focus is on clients who need strength training after pelvic floor issues from pregnancy, deliveries, and C-sections. She understands the physical issues that come from these life events and can help navigate post-pardon & pre-menopause hormonal differences as well.  


As a NEXUS Coach, Ashley runs all the technique programs that focus on the physical issues that lead athletes to overcompensate. Utilizing the Functional Movement Screening, Ashley has developed programming that starts athletes training their bodies from the ground up before they jump into weight lifting, preventing injury and creating a solid foundation for those who have previous injuries. Ashley also runs the mindset coaching program which deals with the emotional components of fitness and competition. Ashley's wide knowledge and experience are what make NEXUS different than any other gym.



Owner & Coach

By day, Marielle is a civil engineer, but by night, a master fitness trainer. Marielle has been doing CrossFit since 2013, she has a Level 1 CrossFit certification, an ACE Group Fitness certification, & a Functional Movement Certification allowing her to accurately measure the body's compensations. Marielle runs and programs all our Strength & Conditioning and Weight Lifting classes. It's safe to say she is the Head Coach for a reason!

Marielle's passion is in the gym community. Everything Marielle does is in the interest of building a strong supportive Nexus Community.


Yoga Instructor

Lindsy Hall is our Master Yoga Instructor here at NEXUS.

Lindsy has always had a deep passion for helping others to alleviate any suffering they may be experiencing. In 2009 she went to school for massage therapy and found it very rewarding so she went on to explore more ways to help others heal. In 2011 She developed a love for teaching yoga, and in 2012, she acquired her 200-hr. Yoga Certificate. As time went on, she wanted to expand her knowledge of yoga and support the practice in others so in 2018 she went on to acquire her 500-hr. Master Yoga Certificate.  Not only did she receive much personal healing from her yoga practice, but it also helped her find freedom and joy in her everyday life. In 2013 Lindsy began to explore the practice of Reiki healing, and in 2018 acquired her Master Reiki certificate to further her healing process for others. Ever since, Lindsy has taught the art of Reiki healing inside her yoga classes, which makes her classes quite different than other yoga studios. 

Lindsy has a deep passion for holistic healing and finds a deep enjoyment in teaching classes to the NEXUS community.




Zac is a proud Nexus certified coach who has spent the past two years improving his fitness and overall wellbeing within the vibrant Nexus community. With nearly a decade of experience as an educator -- from teaching middle schoolers how to perform Shakespeare to helping develop life skills for young men with Autism -- Zac brings a unique, fun-loving, and compassionate approach to his coaching style.


Zac believes that well bodies exist within well communities and that individual growth requires an accessible, dedicated, and encouraging space within which to grow. He looks forward to seeing you (and dancing with you) in the gym soon.

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