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The Team

Who We Are

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Owner & Coach

Ashley's passion for fitness started with strength & condition training for her dance career when she was 13. She started Olympic Lifting through CrossFit in 2014. But in 2017, Ashley suffered an injury leaving her with 2 broken ribs and no core strength. Then, in early 2019, she suffered another injury to her hip. Recovery this time took quite a mental toll. Ashley knew she would have to transform the way she approached training. So, that is what she did, and two years later NEXUS was born.

As a NEXUS Coach, Ashley runs all the technique programs which focus on the physical issues that lead athletes to overcompensate. Ashley also runs the mindset coaching program which deals with the emotional components of fitness. Ashley just might be the coaching combination you need.



Owner & Coach

By day, Marielle is a civil engineer, but by night, a master fitness trainer. Marielle has been doing CrossFit since 2013, she has a Level 1 CrossFit certification, an ACE Group Fitness certification, & a Functional Movement Certification allowing her to accurately measure the body's compensations. Marielle runs and programs all our Strength & Conditioning and Weight Lifting classes. It's safe to say she is the Head Coach for a reason!

Marielle's passion is in the gym community. Everything Marielle does is in the interest of building a strong supportive Nexus Community.



Yoga Instructor

Kelsey is an enthusiastic wanderer of the Rocky Mountains and one who desires to showcase, preserve and impart to visitors the long-established Colorado love & reverence for the great outdoors. Devoting time to intrapersonal work is what led her to the multi-faceted modalities of yoga and somatic work. Seeking connection to others and herself, she is a lifelong student of intercultural communication and the holistic approach to body, spirit, breath, and mind. She has spent much of her life linking her love for community and passion for writing to a deeper understanding of wellness.


Originally from Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains, Kelsey completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 at Colorado’s Cambio. School of Yoga, ten years after attending her first hot yoga class in New York City. She earned her 850- hour neuromuscular massage therapist license at the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy and holds a bachelor's Degree in Communication and Women’s and Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado. She aims to live a life of love and respect for others, herself, and nature. After living in pockets across the country and world, she has been drawn time and again to Colorado Springs, which she now considers her home.




Zac is a proud Nexus certified coach who has spent the past two years improving his fitness and overall wellbeing within the vibrant Nexus community. With nearly a decade of experience as an educator -- from teaching middle schoolers how to perform Shakespeare to helping develop life skills for young men with Autism -- Zac brings a unique, fun-loving, and compassionate approach to his coaching style.


Zac believes that well bodies exist within well communities and that individual growth requires an accessible, dedicated, and encouraging space within which to grow. He looks forward to seeing you (and dancing with you) in the gym soon.

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