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Image by Esther Jiao

More About The Classes We Offer


Strength & Conditioning

Develop and improve Muscular strength & Endurance, Cardiovascular Health & Improved Body Composition. These classes focus on skills including Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Reaction Time, and Explosive Power.


Weight Lifting

Focus on Strength Building and Execution of Technique. These classes go over Fundamental Movements, breakdown Explosive Power timing, and address when adding weight is appropriate. Mastering Weighted Movements is critical for Corrective Fitness and making sure you don’t hit a plateau.


Mobility & Flexibility

Our Mobility & Flexibility classes are designed to correct and create new Muscle Memory to prevent injury. This is done by bringing intentional breath into deep stretching to maximize mobility. These classes teach you how to connect your breath to your mind and body when executing Fundamental Movements. 

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