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We LOVE seeing your face at the gym every day, AND we want to emphasize the importance of rest days (and remove some of the guilt of taking rest days).

Rest days are very important in any workout routine, as they offer both physical and mental benefits. Taking time off between workouts allows the body to recover and repair itself, reducing risk of overuse injuries and muscle fatigue. This is when muscle fibers rebuild and grow stronger, optimizing muscle development and enhancing performance over time. Rest days also give your nervous system time to recuperate, which helps improve coordination and reaction times. It also helps prevent burnout, which allows you to maintain a more long-term workout routine, ensuring consistency and sustainability to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Listen to your body, and take time off if needed. We're ready when you're ready! See you soon!



NEXUS is running its next round of FMS on July 20th, 6-8pm!

This educational fitness class goes over the basic movements you need to do any fitness activities. From learning how to correctly do sit-ups, to pull-up modifications, to kettlebell swings, etc, a NEXUS coach will be with you every step of the way. This class is designed to educate you on injury prevention and how to recognize movement faults as everyone deserves a basic understanding of functional movements.

This class is meant to ensure safety inside all the movements we train and we highly recommend it for anyone, whether you are a part of the NEXUS Community or not!

Join us Monday, Sept 4th for our annual Labor Day Workout & BBQ!

The workout is at 11am-12pm. Then our annual BBQ will go from 12-2pm with hotdogs, hamburgers, and sides! All are provided by our NEXUS Sponsor who is a part of the NEXUS Vendor Book.

Come for the whole thing, come for part, or come to eat!

Anyone is welcome!


We will have traditional hotdogs and burgers with a veggie tray, chips, and potato salad.

*Veggie burgers available.

AUGUST Vendor Spotlight!

Brittany Harrison is a proud Vendor of NEXUS!

Brittany has hit the ground running in her real estate career, already selling about five times as much as an average agent in our market. She let us get to know her by sharing her story with us.

"I guess you could say real estate found me. I left education and dove into real estate head first, ready to shake things up. But the transition left me with a void I wanted to fill. Leaving a career in international education, which included time living abroad, was not easy. So many of my identities were wrapped up in my connections with people from around the globe."

Brittany also said. "As much as I loved my career in real estate, I felt like I had to give up a piece of myself to build my business, until Engel & Völkers. Engel & Völkers has become my international 'home away from home' where I can continue to provide a different real estate experience without being globally limited. Whether selling in Colorado Springs or Spain, I make sure all of my clients have an experience that is not transactional but comfortable, simple, and personal. Shelter is a basic human need, no matter which country you call home and my work as a Real Estate Advisor with Engel & Völkers is committed to ensuring all of my clients thrive, financially and personally."

Brittany Harrison at 719-387-1428

Engel & Völkers Colorado Springs, 719-358-9707

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