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Hello NEXUS Community!

With another Paleo Challenge on the horizon, we wanted to chat about the negative effects of sugar on your fitness routine. While sugar can provide a quick energy boost, it often leads to rapid spikes in blood glucose levels followed by sharp crashes. These fluctuations can result in decreased energy, increased fatigue, and impaired performance during workouts. Excessive sugar intake is also linked to weight gain and the development of insulin resistance, which can hinder physical fitness and increase the risk of metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, high sugar consumption can contribute to inflammation and oxidative stress, potentially leading to muscle soreness and longer recovery times. In the long term, these factors can undermine overall health and exercise capacity, highlighting the importance of moderating sugar intake and focusing on a balanced diet for sustained physical performance.

If you’re interested in getting your sugar intake in check with some gentle accountability, ask us about our Paleo Challenge! See you in the gym soon!

Wild Wednesday Themes:

7/3: 4th of July

7/10: Graphic Tee

7/17: 90’s

7/24: Hippie

7/31: Sparkles/Glitter



NEXUS is doing a 4th of July Workout & BBQ! Come celebrate Independence Day with us that will leave you feeling patriotic and pumped up! Whether you're a beginner or a fitness fanatic, there's a workout for you! Sweat it out with us and feel the fireworks within as we honor this special day together.

Doors open at 10am with the workout at 10:30am! BBQ at 12pm!

Don't forget to wear your best red, white, and blue! Cost is $10.


We are delighted to invite you to the Vendor Pop-Up event is on July 13th!

NEXUS helps host this event each year to support the small businesses inside our community as a fundraiser for the LHDC Ladies dance team! This all-day affair includes live LHDC performances, free dance classes, yummy food, and vendor shops and booths for you to explore! 

What kind of booths can you expect?


Tarot Readings

Financial Advising

Photography packages

Massage therapy sessions

Make-up tutorials  


If you’d like to be a vendor, please reach out! We have a few spots left! Whether you're a cake baker or real estate virtuoso, this is your time to shine! The cost is $75 for the whole day BUT this event is FREE to all participants! So come join us, have some fun, and connect with others that make up our amazing community! 

Vendor Pop-Up Timeline:

Doors Open: 11am 

Booths Ready for Shopping: 11:30am

LHDC Salsa Class: 12pm

LHDC Bachata Class: 1:30pm

Booths Open for Shopping: 2pm

LHDC Performance: 2:45pm & 3pm

LHDC Pachanga Class: 3:30pm

Booths Open for Shopping: 4pm

Vendor Spotlights: 4:20pm

Dinner with High Grades: 4:30pm

Booths Closing: 5pm

LHDC Dancing Social: 5:30-8:30pm

We eagerly anticipate your presence and contributions on this memorable occasion, making the Vendor Pop-Up a spectacular celebration of our community talents and unity!


🌟💪 Pump up your summer with our Teen Weightlifting Camp! 🌞🏋️‍♂️ If you're ready to learn strength training and take your fitness to the next level, this is for you. Join us for expert coaching, supportive camaraderie, and impressive gains!

What to Expect:

Expert Coaching: Certified coaches will teach proper lifting techniques and help you achieve your fitness goals safely.

Customized Programs: Tailored workouts for all skill levels, from basics to advanced lifts.

Inspiring Community: Connect with peers, share experiences, and motivate each other in a supportive environment.

🗓️ Dates: July 15-26, MWF from 3-4pm

💰 Cost: $175 for 6 sessions

Elevate your summer and unleash your potential! Spaces are limited, so register now. Let's make this summer epic – one rep at a time! 🌟💪 #TeenWeightliftingCamp #SummerStrength #NEXUSFitness


July 27th at 11-12:30pm, The Functional Movement Screening/Fundamental Capacity Screening is your key to unlocking hidden habits, building balance, and preventing injuries. 🕵️‍♀️ Whether you're a fitness rookie or a seasoned pro, FMS/FCS is your personalized roadmap to optimal movement. 💪 Let's redefine your fitness journey with data-driven precision! 📊 Don't miss out - FMS/FCS is your gateway to personalized plans and corrective exercises. 🤸‍♂️ Secure your spot now, because your fitness story deserves a happy ending! 


🌿✨ Ready for a Body and Mind Reset? Join NEXUS for our Paleo 30-Day Challenge! 🥑🏋️‍♂️ Reset your digestive health with clean eating over 30 days and unlock amazing benefits for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 🌈 Choose your accountability package below and embark on this transformative journey with us! *The challenge starts March 3rd with our first Food Prep Sunday Funday to officially launch the Paleo 30 off on March 4th-April 2nd.

Please pick and register for the Package Level you would like. LINKS BELOW 💪🌟 #Paleo30Challenge #MindBodyReset #NEXUSWellnessJourney 


Meet NEXUS Vendor, Joy Hearten-Johnson of Insight Movement!

Joy is a part of The NEXUS & LHDC Community Bundle!

Joy Hearten-Johnson is in her 14th year as a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Colorado, her ninth year as a Reiki Master and her fourth year as a Craniosacral practitioner. She excels at tailoring every session to fit an individual's needs and takes pride in helping her clients recover from soft tissue ailments.

Modalities available in combination or solo include:

Lymph Drainage, sport-specific, Swedish, Pre & Postnatal, Reiki, CBD isolate spot treatment, Cold Stone, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Cupping, and Hot Stone.

*Aromatherapy and hot towels are complimentary with every session.


Mention you heard about Joy from NEXUS to receive a $75 credit towards your first visit!

Interested in a Partnership?

If you are interested in a Vendor Partnership with NEXUS please reach out!

We only have 3 spots remaining for July!


This month’s member spotlight is Amy! Amy is the strong, silent type, crushing each workout with a quiet intensity and demonstrating exceptional strength! Whether she’s squatting crazy weight at 5:30am, or obliterating the workouts in our annual NEXUS Community Competition, Amy embodies everything we represent here in The NEXUS Community!

Come say hi and give Amy a high-five!

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