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Hey, NEXUS Community! We'd like to share some info about wrists! Our wrists, much like our ankles, are very complex joints that require both mobility and stability to perform our daily tasks. These requirements, as well as their ability to move in all directions, make them a key (and frequently overlooked) aspect of injury prevention. There are a few ways to protect your wrists from injury; the most important of which is increasing mobility. Stretching your wrists multiple times a week can help improve your range of motion as well as stability and control. A key wrist stretch is extending your arm with the palm facing away from you and using the other hand to pull back on your fingers. Then, point your fingers down so your palm is facing you, and again pull back on your fingers. You should feel a stretch through your wrist and up your forearm. Repeat this a few times on both hands It is also important to warm up your wrists prior to using them while exercising. You can do this by performing the stretch described above, as well as some dynamic movements like wrist circles. It is also important to perform exercises that increase wrist strength, such as pull-ups, deadlifts, and farmer's carries. Last but not least, when exercising, don't hesitate to wear wrist wraps! A NEXUS, you'll see our members utilizing these frequently, as loading such a small joint with so much weight can cause the joint a lot of stress, and wrist wraps provide support to help alleviate some of the strain on the wrist. Drop by to mobilize and strengthen those wrists today! See you soon!

NEXUS is running its next round of FMB on May 25th, 6-8pm!

This educational fitness class goes over the basic movements you need to do any fitness activities. From learning how to correctly do sit-ups, to pull-up modifications, to kettlebell swings, etc, a NEXUS coach will be with you every step of the way. This class is designed to educate you on injury prevention and how to recognize movement faults as everyone deserves a basic understanding of functional movements.

Join us Monday, May 29th for our annual Memorial Day Workout & BBQ!

Per tradition, we will be doing the "MURPH" workout, with a scaled option to do a HALF MURPH or a BABY MURPH. Depending on community participation, we will run the workout in two heats, the first one at 10am & the second starting at 11am. Please still show up at 10 to support everyone doing the workout!

The BBQ will go from 12-2pm with hotdogs, hamburgers, and sides sponsored by Realtor Jennifer Rebecca who is a part of the NEXUS Vendor Book.

Come for the whole thing, come for part, or come to eat!

Anyone is welcome!

Meet NEXUS Vendor, Jennifer Coffey! Jen has been a realtor in Colorado Springs for the past 20 years. She has helped so many people find their dream homes, move across states, find loan assistance, and more. She works with HomeSmart as a top agent being recognized in professionalism, customer service, and industry knowledge. She is truly a one-of-a-kind realtor with the best intentions of her clients at heart. Jen partners with NEXUS as a master in the first-time home buyers assistance program. She supports the younger generation in wealth building through property ownership and believes everyone should be able to own a home regardless of income as she is a huge advocate for real-estate inclusion. Every year, Jen sponsors the Memorial Day Workout & BBQ as an army wife first, realtor second, and founding member of NEXUS third.

Interested in a Partnership? If you are interested in a Vendor Partnership with NEXUS please reach out! We only have 2 spots remaining for May!

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