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The NEXUS 10 class package is on sale for $100 this month!

Such a steal!


Hey, NEXUS Community!

This month, we'd like to discuss the importance of training our rhomboid muscles. The rhomboids are the group of muscles in the upper middle of our back between our shoulder blades. These muscles are vital in the movement and stability of our shoulders, scapula, and upper limbs.

Rhomboids also play a very important role in our posture. Slouching over our computers, phones, desks, etc., can result in our shoulders rounding, our chest sinking and our pectoral muscles (chest) tightening. This over-stretches the rhomboid muscles. Strengthening and consciously engaging our rhomboid muscles can help correct our posture and bring the rhomboid and pectoral muscles back to equilibrium. If posture is not corrected, it can often develop into a head-forward posture, which puts even more strain on the neck and spine.

Come train your rhomboids with us today to help keep your spine happy and healthy!


NEXUS is happy to celebrate PRIDE month with a specialty Yoga class!

On June 17th, From 1-2:30p, NEXUS will be hosting a Chakra Alignment Yoga Class with our very own Master yoga instructor! Kelsey will guide movements, inner reflections, and bring focus to realigning our chakras through a rainbow meditation.

After, NEXUS will host a PRIDE BBQ in our courtyard to celebrate the amazing Colorado Springs Queer Community.

Please join us as anyone and everyone is welcome!


NEXUS is running its next round of CMB on June 22nd, 6-8pm!

This 2-hour class goes over the compound barbell movement techniques you need to safely perform weightlifting movements. From how to correctly do a deadlift to proper snatch technique, NEXUS educates you on injury prevention, how to recognize faults, and how to safely bail out. We highly recommend this educational class if you are performing any weightlifting movements in your workouts, in the gym or at home.

JUNE Vendor Spotlight!

Meet NEXUS Vendor, Joy Hearten-Johnson of Insight Movement!

Joy is a part of The NEXUS & LHDC Community Bundle!

Joy Hearten-Johnson is in her 14th year as a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Colorado, her ninth year as a Reiki Master, and her fourth year as a Craniosacral practitioner. She excels at tailoring every session to fit an individual's needs and takes pride in helping her clients recover from soft tissue ailments.

Modalities available in combination or solo include:

Lymph Drainage, Sport Specific, Swedish, Pre & Postnatal, Reiki, CBD isolate spot treatment, Cold Stone, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Cupping, and Hot Stone.

*Aromatherapy and hot towels are complimentary with every session.

Mention you heard about Joy from NEXUS to receive a $75 credit towards your first visit!

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