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January 2023 NEXUS NEWS

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

NEXUS is more than just a gym! It's a Community through Fitness, Health, and Wellness.


Hey, NEXUS Community! IT'S 2023!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! The last few years have been strange, and the New Year's resolution train has been leaving the station without many of us on it. Let's hop back on! Some interesting statistics for you:

  • About 40% of adults set New Year's resolutions

  • 53% focus on one single goal

  • 70% of resolutions relate to physical health

Studies show that 43% of people expect to give up on their goals by February. Why? Generally, because they've lost motivation. Luckily for you, not only are we a fun, community-based gym that offers as many laughs as we do squats, but we also offer mindset coaching to keep you on track to reaching your goals!

Our New Year's Resolution Deal Get our 3x-a-week membership for $111 a month instead of $135 Text 2023RESOLUTION to 719-735-1027 to claim this deal now!



In April 2023 NEXUS will be hosting its first-ever COMPETITION! Who: You and any other athletes who want to join! What: There will be two different workouts to compete in during the day at 3 different levels of skill. Level 1 is for Beginner Athletes Level 2 is for Intermediate Athletes Level 3 is for Advanced Athletes When: Comp on April 29th at 10am Practice Comp on March 25th at 11am Whole 30 Prep starts March 26th Where: NEXUS Community Fitness & Performance Training 1026 S Tejon St Colorado Springs CO, 80903 Extras: We will have awards for the 1st-place winners! Goodie Bags for all participants Competition Shirts for sale Food trucks all-day Open seating for people who want to watch and support the athletes! *More on Competition Training Packages to come!


NEXUS is running its first round of FMS of 2023 on JAN 26th, 6-8pm! The FMS is a two-hour basic movement screening that looks at how your body moves and where it might be compensating from. Knowing this helps to prevent injury in the gym and allows athletes to get serious about what they need to focus on. The FMS evaluation is a two-hour screening that comes with a copy of your results, and then the results broken-down with Owner Ashley Coffey in an hour 1/1 which gives you specific daily movements to work on righting your compensations. So, If you feel like a past injury is getting

in the way of your performance, or if you seem to be hitting a plateau, these evaluations will tell you everything you need to know about how to improve your fitness!

January Spotlight!

Out of the Box Massage is a proud sponsor of NEXUS! Out of the Box Massage provides therapeutic massage for active professionals. Shelly combines 9 years of experience and an array of massage techniques for a tailored therapeutic massage, in the comfort of your own home. Over the years, she has encountered clients with a range of abilities, injuries, and wellness. Shelly can deliver a great deal of pressure when appropriate, but always try to meet the body and muscles where they are. Her style of massage toes the line of “hurts so good”, while staying just shy of hurts. Adding a massage to your routine helps you recover faster, improves sleep, and manages symptoms of chronic pain. Out of the Box Massage 850-450-0186

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