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September NEXUS NEWS


Hey, NEXUS Community!

We love seeing your faces at the gym for a workout! But even on your rest days, elevating your heart rate is an important aspect of a comprehensive approach to fitness. While rest days are intended for recovery and rejuvenation, engaging in light to moderate physical activities that elevate your heart rate can increase circulation, promote blood flow to muscles, and assist in flushing out lactic acid and metabolic waste. Activities such as walks, yoga, or low-intensity cycling can stimulate the cardiovascular system without placing excessive strain on the body. This gentle movement encourages the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles, assisting in their repair and recovery. Increasing your heart rate on rest days can also release endorphins, contributing to a positive mood and mental well-being. So when you're not coming to see us for a workout, don't forget to find a balance between active recovery and rest.

Happy fall, y'all! See you soon!



We have added 5 new classes by making each class 45 minutes!

September 21st, 6-8pm! NEXUS's next Compound Movement Breakdown!

This educational class goes over barbell movement techniques so you can safely perform weightlifting movements in or outside of a gym. From learning how to correctly do a deadlift, to the proper power snatch technique, to understanding weight modifications, and recognizing faults. NEXUS coaches help you identify the proper form. This class is designed to help prevent barbell-related injuries and keep you safe in your weightlifting movements.

September PROMO is a 10-Pack for $100!

September Vendor Spotlight!

Jean Hendry is a proud Vendor of NEXUS!

Jean has been in partnership with NEXUS from the day we opened.

Jean supports women in discovering, owning, expressing, and dressing their innate uniqueness, beauty, and physicality so that they feel consistently authentic, confident, and powerful in how they show up in the world.

Jean Hendry

Executive Leadership & Presence Coach

P: 303-209-0075

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