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December NEXUS NewsLetter

Updated: Mar 1

Hey there, NEXUS Community!

As we all well know, the holiday season often brings an abundance of festive treats and indulgent meals, leading to a spike in sugar intake for many people. This increase in sugary foods and drinks during the holidays can have several notable effects on the body. Increased sugar consumption leads to weight gain, disrupted blood sugar levels, and can lead to energy crashes and mood swings. Furthermore, the post-holiday period may see individuals grappling with a heightened desire for sweets, potentially setting off a cycle of continued indulgence. Are we saying stay away from sweets completely? Not at all! Treat yourself, you deserve it! However, consider consuming your favorite holiday treats in moderation. Utilizing a mindful approach to sugar intake can help mitigate the negative effects on your health during this celebratory season.

Have a wonderful holiday season, stay safe, and we'll see you in the gym!

December Deals!

Holiday Cheers! Ready to sleigh your fitness goals this December? We're spreading the joy with a festive offer: Enjoy 10% off ALL memberships throughout December!

Stay fit, fab, and fueled with our community vibes during the holiday hustle.

Let's turn those festive feasts into fuel for your best self! Grab this jolly deal and let's sleigh the season together!


Grab a Holiday


Our class packages are great gifts for the holidays!

Gift the Gift of Gains! This holiday season, give the ultimate present: a $100 gym gift certificate that flexes its value to $135! Your loved ones deserve more than just a gift; they deserve a journey to strength, wellness, and community vibes! Snatch this deal and make their fitness dreams come true.

'Tis the season for gains and joy!


Anyone and everyone are welcome

on Dec 11th 2023! Let's sweat, support, & succeed together!

Join our Strength & Conditioning class at 5:15pm-6pm to experience the NEXUS way. We support your whole fitness journey; not just physical strength but the well-being of each member.

We're not just a gym; we're a vibrant community pulsating with health and wellness vibes! From invigorating workouts to uplifting mindset practices, NEXUS is your sanctuary for a balanced and thriving life.

Compound Movement Breakdown

Ready to take your lifting game to the next level?

Join us on Dec 19th from 6pm-7:30pm for Compound Movement Breakdown!

We're diving deep into barbell techniques, ensuring you're a weightlifting maestro, whether you're at the gym or flexing outside of it. From nailing the deadlift to perfecting the power snatch, we've got you covered! Our NEXUS coaches will be there every step, helping you fine-tune your form, modify weights, and spot those sneaky faults.

Let's make gains without the pains!

December Vendor Spotlight!

Brittany Harrison is a proud Vendor of NEXUS!

Brittany has hit the ground running in her real estate career, already selling about five times as much as an average agent in our market. She let us get to know her by sharing her story with us.

"I guess you could say real estate found me. I left education and dove into real estate head first, ready to shake things up. But the transition left me with a void I wanted to fill. Leaving a career in international education, which included time living abroad, was not easy. So many of my identities

were wrapped up in my connections with people

from around the globe."

Brittany also said. "As much as I loved my career in real estate, I felt like I had to give up a piece of myself to build my business, until Engel & Völkers. Engel & Völkers has become my international 'home away from home' where I can continue to provide a different real estate experience without being globally limited. Whether selling in Colorado Springs or Spain, I make sure all of my clients have an experience that is not transactional but comfortable, simple, and personal. Shelter is a basic human need, no matter which country you call home and my work as a Real Estate Advisor with Engel & Völkers is committed to ensuring all of my clients thrive, financially and personally."

Brittany Harrison at 719-387-1428

Engel & Völkers Colorado Springs, 719-358-9707

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