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April 2023 NEXUS News


Hey, NEXUS Community! This month, we're hosting a paleo challenge that many of our members have signed up for. Whether you signed up with us or not, participating in a diet/cleanse can be a great "reset," not only for your digestive system, but for your body as a whole. Food is our body's fuel - our gasoline, if you will. While there is an infinite number of food options, it is important to recognize what foods agree with you and provide you with the proper nutrition for your body to thrive, and those that (while potentially delicious) are working against you and damaging your body. Luckily, you have friends that know how to assist with this issue! Come see us today!


NEXUS is running its next round of FMS of 2023 on April 27th, 6-8pm! The FMS is a two-hour basic movement screening that looks at how your body moves and where it might be compensating from. Knowing this helps to prevent injury in the gym and allows athletes to get serious about what they need to focus on. The FMS evaluation is a two-hour screening that comes with a copy of your results, and then the results broken-down with Owner Ashley Coffey in an hour 1/1 which gives you specific daily movements to work on righting your compensations. So, If you feel like a past injury is getting in the way of your performance, or if you seem to be hitting a plateau, these evaluations will tell you everything you need to know about how to improve your fitness!

NEXUS will be hosting its first-ever COMPETITION!


You and any other athletes who want to join!


There will be two different workouts to compete in during the day at 3 different levels of skill. Athletes get to sign up with a partner to compete with for BOTH workouts in their preferred level.

Level 1 is for Beginner Athletes: Workout #1 at 11am & Workout #2 at 1:30pm

Level 2 is for Intermediate Athletes: Workout #1 at 11:30am & Workout #2 at 2pm

Level 3 is for Advanced Athletes: Workout #1 at 12pm & Workout #2 at 2:30pm


April 29th from 11am- 3pm. Doors open at 10am.

Practice Comp on April 15th at 11am. *At least one athlete from each registered team must be present to get the Comp Workouts.


NEXUS Community Fitness & Performance Training

1026 S Tejon St

Colorado Springs CO, 80903


We will have awards for the 1st-place winners!

Goodie Bags for all participants

Competition Shirts for sale

Food trucks all-day

Open seating for people who want to watch and support the athletes! April Vendor Spotlight!

Meet our new yoga instructor, Kris Quinones! Kris Quinones, LMT, AHC, CYT500 is a wellness & massage educator, licensed muscular therapist, Kripalu certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and 500-hr Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, with over 25 years of professional experience in orthopedics, competitive sports, and natural healing. Through dynamic group e-coaching programs, live retreats, professional training, and powerful custom bodywork treatments, she'll help you change the narrative on your aging process and find natural pain relief and mobility into your 80s and beyond! Come in for a yoga class with Kris on Tuesdays at 6:30p! Facebook @RasayanaCOS Instagram @YoginiQ LinkedIn @ KrisQuinonesLMT Twitter @KrisQuinonesLMT

Interested in a Partnership? If you are interested in a Vendor Partnership with NEXUS please reach out! We only have 3 spots remaining for April!

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